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Social responsability


Corporate social responsibility, as we at TiPS understand and bring into effect, originates from our primary mission, namely a comprehensive supply of GSE products. Continuously and through all our activities, we strive for an environmentally friendly, reliable and cost competitive supply of GSE.

Responsible supply of GSE includes:

  • striving towards reducing carbon footprint of our products by optimizing production processes,
  • use of renewable energy sources,
  • ensuring the shortest transport routes,
  • continuous development of environmentally friendly technologies and products.

An important part of our responsibilities is ensuring the operational safety of our vehicles and equipment. This includes both for safety in relation to our employees and users, as well as in relation to the immediate and broader social environment of which we are a part of. In this context, TiPS is recognized as a respected partner in the local community. We collaborate with schools to create new prospective employees.

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